Avantazh Office

An office space with stylish furniture and distraction-free finishes from the professional team at Roomio. All elements of the project, tailored to the purpose of the space, are hardwearing and functional.


In the Bellif showroom, we have put an emphasis on table surfaces. Enjoying fresh coffee sitting at the small table is a pleasure. The set of chairs and the large table are perfect for meetings and gatherings. The noble combination of wood and gold perfectly complements the interior and creates a special atmosphere.


The Roomio team is ready to design furniture for the gym, keeping in mind all the current trends and innovations in interior design. The bespoke furniture for this gym is designed in the current minimalist style with the addition of natural elements. In today’s world, it’s common to bet on the naturalness of furnishings, adding living objects.

Office EnerGym

Our company is ready to design office furniture for your company, which will fully comply with the direction of activity and all your personal wishes. We also design office furniture that allows you to work not only in a stylish space, but also in the most functional one.


A bank’s premises have many tasks and expectations. This is why we have designed furniture that allows you to concentrate on the issues at hand without being distracted by extraneous factors.


Given the nature of the laboratory’s work, the emphasis was placed on simplicity in design and the functionality of the arrangement of all structures and furniture. The modern style is perfectly combined with minimalism, making the facility relevant and comfortable to work in. Our professionals decided to create enough shelves and cabinets inside to ensure that workers always have open access to all necessary reagents and equipment.

Roomio x Prosvirin Design

The open shelving unit helps to fill an interior without overpowering the space with visual noise. Created through a combination of several technologies, the product has a clear personality.


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