Roomio is ready to design laboratory furniture that allows your employees to work in the most comfortable conditions, allocating their time rationally. The laboratory is the place where employees work on creating new products that customers will see on the counter afterwards. This means there has to be a pleasant and stable working environment, guaranteed by the right space and up-to-date design solutions. When designing the furniture, our employees have used a large number of modern trends, successfully combining them with the need for proper space allocation.

In this particular case, it was necessary to create furniture that would contribute to a more fruitful process. Given the nature of the laboratory’s work, the focus was on simplicity in design and the functional layout of all structures and furniture. Modern style is perfectly combined with minimalism, which makes the object relevant and comfortable for work. Our professionals decided to create enough shelves and cabinets inside to ensure that workers always have open access to all necessary reagents and equipment.


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