Interior: stone veneer

Today we will discuss with you such a decorative element as stone veneer. An all-natural material combines lightness, strength and flexibility.

This material is obtained by splitting slate rock into thin layers, which are reinforced on the reverse side with glass fibre and a special resin. Most importantly, this material is an alternative to heavy stones and tiles, all because it is much lighter and plus it is easy to install and maintain. 

How durable is a stone veneer?

The material is highly flexible and very lightweight. Despite this, natural stone veneer is quite strong and durable. 

What are its advantages?

— Eco-friendliness

— Long service life

— Weathering agents have no effect on the material

— Water resistance 

— Fire resistance

— Aesthetic appearance

— Heat and noise insulation

— High strength

— Wide range of colours

— Versatility of use 

Are there any disadvantages with this material? 

— Resistance to mechanical damage compared to natural stone – less

— It is important to buy veneer from trusted dealers, where there will be quality impregnation of the veneer

Let us summarize:

We are sure you have noticed the number of advantages and disadvantages of this material, so it will be easy enough for you to decide whether natural stone veneer will transform your interior. For our part, we would like to add that it really is a great alternative to tiles and heavy stones. In addition, it will enhance any space and bring out the uniqueness of the interior.


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