Advantages and disadvantages: Stainless steel kitchens

Previously only seen in restaurants or cafés, but now everyone wants such stylish furniture at home. ADVANTAGES: — This material is very strong, allowing it to withstand the wear and tear of everyday activities — The material is NOT susceptible to oxidation and corrosion — Stainless steel is resistant to fire and heat, which prevents […]

Bathroom: arrangement and selection of furniture

The design and furnishing of a bathroom should be approached responsibly. Properly chosen materials and the interior will ensure a special, relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Why do we focus on the right materials? They are important because all materials in the room must be water-resistant and durable.  In today’s article, you will learn how to […]

Interior: stone veneer

Today we will discuss with you such a decorative element as stone veneer. An all-natural material combines lightness, strength and flexibility. This material is obtained by splitting slate rock into thin layers, which are reinforced on the reverse side with glass fibre and a special resin. Most importantly, this material is an alternative to heavy […]


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