Bathroom: arrangement and selection of furniture

The design and furnishing of a bathroom should be approached responsibly. Properly chosen materials and the interior will ensure a special, relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

Why do we focus on the right materials? They are important because all materials in the room must be water-resistant and durable. 

In today’s article, you will learn how to choose stylish, durable furniture and the most suitable finishes to create a comfortable and cozy bathroom.

Before you start decorating your bathroom, you should insulate the walls and floor. Such a solution will help avoid condensation and, consequently, mould and mildew.


— Ceramic tiles are the most popular option today as they have many positive qualities: resistance to damage, excellent moisture resistance and a variety of colours and textures.

—  Tinting the walls. This option is suitable for the implementation of original solutions. The main thing is to prepare the walls for the application of special moisture-resistant paint before painting.

— Natural wood. This material will not be cheap, but no other material can create the warmth of a home like natural wood. In this case, only moisture-resistant types of wood are used and they are additionally coated with special moisture protection products.

— Wallpaper in the bathroom. This combination is quite unusual and will not suit everyone, but in the case of moisture-resistant wallpaper, we advise combining it with more durable materials in areas where there is direct contact with water.

There are also many options for floor finishes, in our opinion the most suitable coverings are: ceramic tiles, natural/artificial stone, poured flooring, wood flooring made from moisture-resistant wood (e.g. teak wood). These solutions are the most hard-wearing and durable.


The main purpose of furniture in this room is functionality and durability. Whatever the design of this space, it is important to prioritize quality and not to skimp on interior fittings, as quality furniture will last much longer and you will not have to replace it and put an extra budget on it.

What will you need to install? 

— Cabinet furniture. The familiar bathroom vanity units and lockers for storing bathroom amenities.

— Concealed laundry basket and washing machine cabinet, as these should not draw unwanted attention. If your flat has a lot of space, you may want to locate them in the utility room.

— Mirror. This interior object plays an important role, if used properly; it can visually increase the space.

Pay attention to the lighting, it is very important to think about the placement of the light fittings. They will affect the ambience you get. One interesting option is to play with the mirror, e.g. by installing led lights on the back or using chemical etching to create light from the inside.

The Roomio team will be happy to assist you in realizing and furnishing such an important space. For advice and further solutions, you can email us direct so we can discuss all the details and proceed to consider all suitable options based on your budget.


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